How to successfully write a dissertation

The outlook is one of the elements that the writing of a dissertation is a lot. For one to read this essay, it means that one is somewhere in their academic journey. It is the place where you create something from your knowledge. After all, writing a dissertation is about creating something from your research, and it is what a dissertation is. It is safe to say or assume that you are at that stage when you have some academic fundamentals. You are a person who can take and seek notes and visit libraries to find information and also possibly you “own” google. It is also unfortunate that you cannot read, write, and research anything normal at this stage of your academic journey, hence making writing dissertations hard. And there is also the possibility that you have received pieces of advice from different people. To do well

  1. Be smart
  2. Be precise
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Work hard
  5. Eat right

In this article, we will discuss the kind of mindsets that one should have when doing or writing a dissertation. When writing dissertations, it is all about ninety percent perspiration and then ten percent inspiration.

Below are the mindsets that students have when writing a dissertation.

● A dissertation is a marathon

Now writing a dissertation at this stage may be the longest and largest piece of sorting that you may have done in the past years. Running a marathon also has rules, so one of the rules one can follow when running a marathon is “do not change anything”. Now for a marathon, whatever is working for you, and whatever ways and strategies you used to attain that position in the marathon should not change.

Consider this confusion. Take an example. There are very many writing programs that one can use to write dissertations. Now one student will want to use Microsoft office word, and then another student will go for a software that can handle documents that are very long, which Mellel. Then another student will crave Scrivner, a software that can make fast drafts. Then another program like latex may come up. It makes the students confused and end moving from one software to another to get excellent productivity from the software.

Now when a student moves from one software to another, he will be wasting a lot of time. And when doing a dissertation, time cannot get wasted because instructors give limited time to do their assignments. And also, do not try new things when doing your dissertation because it may cost you time.

● Dissertations as work

There are so many silky and amazing stories that we listen to overtime. Consider this example, a student doing a Ph.D. went out with his friends to drink one particular night. And then, at some point, he’s robbed (this robbery gets done at gunpoint). Now when the thief was robbing the young man, he (the young man) begged the thief to spare his life because he was doing the dissertation. “Was this some induced reaction?”

Why did the young man ask for that and not the opposite? This young man felt that whenever the dissertation he was writing was the thing that kept him going. This story is interesting because someone would ask for his life to get taken. After all, writing dissertations is difficult for some people.


Dissertations are significant in our academic journey, so when writing dissertations, one also must mind the topic they have chosen. Topics greatly influence how one will successfully write a dissertation.



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